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How to drive in a heavy snow?

When the frost on the street gives a way to thaw, and, on the contrary, instead of snow starts raining, and moreover a cyclone can bring  strong winds. Here are 3 best cars of winter

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Be prepared to defend against a variety of dangers.

Be especially wary of overtaking when it is necessary to leave the track and overcome the trampled snow parapet between the tracks and the adjacent strip. This maneuver should be performed at a very acute angle to the adjacent lane, meaning when you turn the steering wheel in a small corner, and if you turn the steering wheel at a large angle, hoping quickly jump the parapet of snow.

And do not forget that such maneuvers should be held at a small “gas”. Do not abruptly let go, or vice versa press the gas pedal, otherwise the wheel may stall the drive axle and the car will also start or bring to bear. It will change the trajectory of motion under the influence of lateral forces.

In winter you should be afraid of rain during frost. This phenomenon is rare, but it happens. The air temperature does not usually drop below 3 degrees of Celsius, but this frost is enough to form the ice on the road, and fresh rain will cover it with a thin film of water.


This is the most slippery road surface, so if during your trip it starts raining, as much as possible reduce your speed. The stopping distance on wet ice in comparison with the “dry” can be increased by 20% or more, as compared to dry asphalt – 5-10 times. Furthermore, on wet ice it is significantly reduced efficiency of passive safety, however cornering maneuvers they may not even hold a predetermined course of movement.

Useful info about the role of heated roads is here

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In such a bad weather you have to eliminate trips to the mountains. In extreme cases, to increase the grip on wet ice is possible by setting the drive wheels using chains or studded tires. The most effective ice winter tires, in which the spikes are set at the factory (or logistics centers) of the manufacturer. This is done by Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, Michelin and Nokian. The rest of tires, as a rule, are equipped in a car-care center as the cheapest, ineffective spikes. The advantage of factory studs on ice is that they are seat efficiently and firmly. The force of their pull-out is more than 500 newton, not glued spikes keep the factory setting to force 60-100 N, and install in the service station and jump at 30-40 Newtons. Strong wind is very dangerous too. All information about winter tires is here. When should you replace them


Gusts of strong wind are rare, but when a storm warning is announced you need to be prepared that at the exit because of a lateral barrier to the wind your vehicle could be thrown to the side. This is especially dangerous when the road is slippery and you’re driving a car without a rear-wheel drive system Stability Program. The likelihood that the car would be lead in the wrong direction will be less time if you reduce your speed.

Small cars – safety ratings?

So be careful on the roads!


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Local dealers and private sellers are welcome to sell their inventory online, hurry up till it’s free

With the advent of the web human life has become much easier. Through the Internet you can buy, sell and order goods and services. In order to sell a car, it is possible to resort also to the internet. Thus, you can save not only time but also money. Tired from offering your vehicle for sale to your friends? Read this article


Quick and easy

Currently, for majority of inhabitants purchasing or selling of different goods via the Internet – is a usual thing. That is why there will not be a lot of difficulties with selling a car. Plus, you do not have to go out and spend your money on the placement of ads in print publications. Because usually advertising in newspapers and magazines is much more expensive than in the Internet and is not as effective.

All you need to do is to select a suitable reliable site that is trusted and which has sold much more than tens of thousand of cars. So, here you will be able to advertise the sale of your car. Read also why Ghana and Nigeria choose CarXus for selling their cars.

Of course the internet is full of sites that offer similar services. But not everyone can boast of efficiency and effectiveness.

Also very often the services of such sites are not cheap. And most unpleasant is when you have to pay for the sale of the vehicle which can not be sold for a long time. It turns out that you pay for nothing. Of course no one can guarantee that your vehicle will be sold within a month, and it will cost you just near 2 dollars. But this may not happen even in a few months. That is why doubly pleased today to sell, along with Private sellers and dealers may sell their cars for free. Hurry up to take advantage of the action site. All you need – to do an attractive description of your cars.

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So how to create an ad properly?

If you want your car to be sold quickly you must first of all write a good ad.

  • In describing mandatory define the brand, year, color, model, type and value of the car. These characteristics are the main that will interest applicants at first;
  • Price. Before you set a price check a few ads of similar vehicles;
  • Think about the advantages of your car. It depends on the final price. It is said that the high price may scare potential buyers. Therefore objectively evaluate your car;
  • Do not forget about the photos. According to statistics, the goods with attached photos have been sold much faster than products without a photo. Of course, the images must be of good quality.

Pre-wash the car and take not less than 4 pictures; The more photos the more chances to sell the car quickly


You must also write your contact details in the ad. In addition, describe your automobile (a complete set, mileage, legal aspects). You should not lie or embellish reality. The buyer, before buying a car will examine it carefully. Read here about the importance of your car mileage. Does it determine the price?

So now you can sell the car through the Internet quickly and conveniently at the same time not spent on services. Stay shares on trusted sites and use the abilities. If you will do it right, there is no doubt – your car will go under the hammer for a couple of days!


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Tired from offering your vehicle for sale to your friends and neighbors, try CarXus

Nothing lasts forever, no one is eternal – said one of the classics. Everything in the world is arranged by such principle. This applies to cars, that may were an object of desire once and of sleepless nights eventually turns into something not right and not true, then you need quickly to sell and forget, or simply replace it.

How to sell a car – basic rules and good advice

Never attempt to topple used or salvage cars to their relatives or people close to you – it can significantly damage your relationship, in the case of serious damage, you can look not honestly in the eyes of your loved ones. Selling cars at the auto markets is a lottery.


No one can guarantee that you will sell your car in the first day, but you will have to pay for a place. It is concerning local selling and local neighbors. You can sell your car for many months in such a way. In the end you will sell your vehicle via internet just in a few days after replacing your ad on

Internet is a great place to sell your car! Sell ​​a car through it is very convenient, first, you can sell the car without leaving home, and secondly it is free of charge on and right now in the third your vehicle will be seen by all the residents of Ghana and Nigeria, so the chance to sell the car quickly has grown significantly.

If you are a resident of Ghana and Nigeria and would like to sell your car, probably more than once you had difficulties in this matter. (Why Nigeria and Ghana consider CarXus as a platform for selling their cars)

In Nigeria, it is due to the fact that the locals prefer imported cars, not their domestic and most of them from the United States. That is why the best way to sell your car is a sale via Internet On this site you can buy and sell a car anywhere in the world. To do this, you need to register. It will give you the opportunity to receive a clock support of our managers in the online chat and the same access to a large database of vehicles, private sellers, buyers and dealers. You can sell as a dealer and as a private seller. differs from others by multi functionality and high efficiency, it exists to provide you with the top of the line service.

So all you need is to make a proper, interesting ad on our website. More details a here

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Why Nigeria and Ghana sellers consider CarXus as a platform for selling their cars

If you live in Nigeria or in Ghana and planning to sell your car, it is better to do this through the internet, via websites. Most residents of these countries choose has it’s own offices both in Canada and Ghana and can help to sell your car wherever you want.

If you are a dealer we have special business deals for you.

  • So dealer will be able to have own customized dealership page with company`s 



  • logo, contact information, directions and description.
  • will have an opportunity to post unlimited amount of Car Listings on his own online showroom online 24/7
  • will have a free link to his dealership pages
  • and of course customer support any time.

To sell a car as a dealer of CarXus:

  • FIRST STEP you have to post 3 and more cars
  • SECOND STEP confirm that you really represent the car company or work on their brand name
  • THIRD STEP list your dealership’s inventory and get more leads to sell the cars faster.

Feel free to sell your cars via CarXus We have many benefits for Nigeria and Ghana Clients.

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How to sell as a private owner?

CX Blog

Our clients often ask if they can sell their used cars as private owners.

To meet our sellers’ needs we developed a special service that allows car owners sell their vehicle privately.    

You can post your car for sale by clicking on .

This service will help you to find your buyers faster if you decide to apply one of our promo upgrades. At minimum costs you can make your vehicle ad featured or even displayed on our Homepage Gallery.

In the future you can upgrade your profile to a dealer one by submitting us your registration documents or dealer license to proceed.

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How to Sell your Car via your Mobile

Most of our clients use their mobile devices to browse new car deals and post their cars for sale. We have adjusted our website mobile version for such needs, so it has completely different design,  you can follow the link to check it out – .
Sell Your Car button is located on the Top panel. After you will click on it, you will be transferred to the vehicle details. Provide as much information as possible and your vehicle will be posted online for sale.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
express listing

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Quick vehicle search via your mobile device

The CarXus website mobile version can help you easily find and buy a car from your cell phone or tablet.

You can start your search right from the homepage by indicating the preferable car features or you can select the yellow Search button to view entire inventory.CX bl 1

When you click on the Search page you can look at our hot offers by choosing one of the sections on the top of the page.

CX bl 2
Here you can also specify your choice by using Advanced Search.

This section allows you to select the desirable vehicle type, make and model, as well as year, price and mileage rage. The other options will make your search more customized and specific.

CX bl 3

By clicking on the vehicle photo you can open its profile page and find out all information about a car you like and contact details of the seller.

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More Details – More clients

Dear CarXus dealers,

The CarXus website offers you a special option to describe your vehicle by providing  all details to car buyers and make your clients interested in your offer.

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By filling out the highlighted/vehicle additional information sections you can inform your buyers whether the car is fitted with additional equipment such as Child Seat, Air Conditioning or Dynamic Stability Control. Besides, if your vehicle has some minor scratches or damages we always suggest to provide these details when you post your car for sale.

Try to add all the car details, when you are posting your next car advertisement here

You can find these options by clicking on the Advanced Listing section on the Sell Your Car page.

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In the Vehicle Description check the boxes with the equipment your vehicle has. The Mechanical Condition section allows you to select the real condition of your car by choosing among Drivable, Non Drivable and Engine Starts. In the next field you can add your description as a seller and mention the special features of your car.

CX blog 3

In the Condition section add your car pictures and indicate the interior and exterior damages and their severity if your vehicle has any damages.

In any case the buyer will inspect the vehicle before the purchase, so you better do not mislead him, as he will not buy your car if something is not according to your online description.

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CarXus Buyers! Take notice on warning message!

Dear CarXus buyers,

On our website you can find all the necessary assistance to find a vehicle you always desired and buy it locally.

The website team does its best to check every listing car. Nevertheless we would like to ask you to be attentive when you are going to purchase a vehicle from a local seller.

In order to avoid scam, please take notice on the warning message at the bottom of every vehicle profile.

CX blog

We kindly ask you to spend your time and visit a seller for inspecting a car you want to buy. Do not send money to a seller without checking a vehicle. Confirm your purchase only after you are completely sure in your choice and do not allow the dealer to force your decision.

Please beware of unusually low price & mileage. Sometimes scammers may attract clients with car low price or mileage, assuring you that the vehicle is in excellent condition. We suggest to make your own research and find out prices for similar cars from other local sellers. If you have doubts concerning the actual mileage, take notice on the overall vehicle condition, ask to start the engine and do a test drive.   

If a seller requests to send money before delivering the vehicle, it is usually a scam. Reliable dealers always show their vehicles to buyers and offer to pick up the car you purchase at the moment of the sale closing.

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Find out more about CarXus

If you are a new here and still hesitating in buying a car with  we are ready to dispel your doubts. On the website home page you can find out more about CarXus by clicking on the Customer Reviews section.

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In the opened window you can read testimonials of our buyers and sellers who share their experience and impressions.

Our website is widely popular among social media users, so you can also follow links in the Get Social section on the bottom of the home page and visit us on Facebook, Google+,  Twitter, watch us on YouTube and pin on Pinterest.

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In case you need some assistance with car ad placing or want to get our feedback, feel free to send us an e-mail on  or contact us by clicking on the Live Chat button at the left side of the page.

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We would be glad to be helpful for you and satisfy your local vehicle needs.

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