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Let’s see how to “brush up” your car, what kind of car washes you know and the difference between them

Currently, there are a lot of different services that can be used to “brush up” your car. The spectrum of services provided is vary. Let’s see what kind of car washes you know and what is the difference between them.

There are main types of car washes:

Hand-washing – a traditional car wash, which is performed by people. Сar is washed with water and car shampoo with sponges, brushes, rags, etc., that is, the contact washer.

The advantage of hand-washing cars is that people in the process of seeing which areas are polluted more and more in need of a thorough cleaning.

Cons: in such cleaning there is no risk to damage the paintwork on the car body or may suit if you have a cabriolet, but hand car wash will take the most time.





Contactless car wash – a washing with active foams. This technology is used in conventional contact cleaning, where cleaning performed by people using special devices, as well as conveyor and gantry car washes. During a washing base layer of dirt is washed off with a water jet under high pressure, and then the special equipment to apply active foam, which remains under the influence of dirt behind the body, and after a while the foam is washed off and the flow of water under pressure. Typically, such cleaning finishes applying a protective polish, which will give an attractive shine and protect against rapid pollution and the damaging effects of the environment.

бесконтактная мойка

Brush car wash – a contact cleaning, in which people are not involved, it is carried out with the aid of special automatic machines. The process consists of several stages: first the machine splash pressurized water, then hot foam and then to clean the car from the mud it is taken rapidly rotating brush. The last stage – the application of a protective wax and drying the car.

Brush suitable for cleaning stubborn dirt with which contactless washing can not cope. The brushes are made of synthetic filaments, rounded at the ends. High-quality brushes should not scratch the paintwork.


Сonveyor-type (or tunnel). That’s when the car goes in the pipeline a few arches with different functions of cleaning and rinsing (eg: pre-wash, wheel wash, wash bottoms, high pressure washing, drying).

The biggest plus of such car washes – this much speed and performance. All the arches are operated simultaneously, so the driver does not have to wait until the previous car will pass all the procedures.

Сar wash tunnel intended only for cars. They can be washed from 24 to 100 cars per hour.

Length “tunnel” depends on the composition of the washing sector and reaches 10-45 m. After each “tunnel” vehicle passes only once.

конвейерная мока

Portal type. With this wash the car is stationary, and the portal (washing arch) moves relative thereto. The disadvantage in comparison with a conveyor car wash that portal cleaning is not capable of quickly acquiring such a number of cars. Car wash motorist usually offered and the accompanying wash services: washing carpets, cleaning and dry cleaning salon, car engine, car wheel rims, etc..
We hope that our recommendations will help you choose the right high-quality car wash, which in addition to its main task will cope with the extra cleaning and become the reliable assistant in your everyday life.

P.S. If you are thinking now about how to sell the car quickly, all you have to do first of all is to wash your car carefully. After that just follow our instructions and you will sell your car as soon as possible.


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